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Things to do around Page – Arizona / where to camp ?

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5 things to Do around page - Arizona

Page is a city at the border between Utah and Arizona, located allong the Lake powell. It’s a really central location to explore the National parks of Arizona and Utah, as well as other stunning places

Where camp in Page : Lone Rock, a free campground along the Lake Powell

Lone rock Camground is a free campground (with a National Park Annual Pass) located along the lake Powell. The west side of the park is easily accessible. The east side require apparently a 4W drive. Really not packed during winter, the place can be pretty crowded in summer.

1/ Antelope Canyon

Distance from Page : 7 miles
Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon located on Navajo land, few mile away east of Page, Arizona. You can't visit Antelope canyon without booking a tour. Antelope Canyon includes two separate, photogenic slot canyon sections, referred to as Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. Upper Antelope Canyon is the most famous, and then the most crowded. The best time to visit it is during summer around noon when the sun rays go trough the Canyon. The lower Canyon is best early in the morning and offer wonderful purple colors. Thus it is possible to visit both Canyons the same day with the best light for each of them.
If you are a photographer, you should take the "photograph tour" that allow to carry a tripod. Regular tours don't allows tripod. They are really strict about that.
Recommended tour :
Kens tour, Dixie Ellis (Lower antelope)
ADVENTUROUS ANTELOPE CANYON PHOTO TOURS (Upper Antelope) : I've used this company during christmas 2015. I took the photo tour, and I can tell that our guide has done an amazing job to avoid the crowd and give us the possibility to take some pictures without any one and the frame, whereas the canyon was really crowded !

2/ Horseshoe Bend

Distance from Page : 4.6 miles
Horseshoe Bend is a horseshoe-shaped, highly photogenic meander of the Colorado River located near Page. It is accessible via a n easy 1.5 miles round trip hike. The cliffs are 300 m high. There is no fence to protect the visitors. So if you have vertigo, don't approach the edges. Horseshoe Bend is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset. It can also be photographed at night with the moonlight.

4/ Zion National Park

Distance from Page : 104 miles
Zion National Park is a canyon created by water, the Virgin River. It is located 100 miles at the North West of Page. This is actually one of my favorite National Park of the South West. The hikes in Zion National Park are literally Magical :

Angel Landing
Angel landing is one of the most popular hike in Zion. It's a short (5 miles), but strenuous hike toward a narrow rock fin with huge drop-offs on both sides. There is cables to hold on the steepest part of the hike. I've found the hike more engaging than the Half dome personally. The views on the valley from the top are really amazing and definitively worth it.

The Narrows
The Narrows got its name from the Narrowest section of Zion Canyon. There is no trail, wou have to hike in the River. The first Half of the hike doesn't need any permit. The full hike needs an overnight backpacking permits , and goes downstream. The most scenic part of the hike is in the No permit part. Be careful of the Flash flood, and check the forecast before your hike. I strongly recommend to rent water shoes and a pole and the entrance of the park.

The Subway
By far, one of the most scenic hike of West side of the States. This hike require permits, scrambling, creek crossing, and depending on the way you take, rapelling skills. This hike is still on top of my bucket list. More information here.

Kannara Creek
Kanarra Creek is located just outside of Zion National Park. It's pretty slot Canyon, and a famous spot for photographers. Still on my bucket list.

5/ Bryce Canyon

Distance from Page : 88 miles

Bryce Canyon is actually not a Canyon but a diversity of amphitheater, and is characterized by specific geological structures called Hoodoos. The navajo loop trail is a famous day hike. The "Under The Rim" trail is a famous and streneous backpacking trail

6/ Grand Canyon

Distance from Page : 124 miles 5north Rim, 133 miles (South Rim)

With 277 miles of steep cliffs carved by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon may be the most famous National Park in the USA. Two accesses, North and South Rim (North Rim is closed to vehicles in Winter). Hikes that go inside the Canyon are steep and long. Temperatures reach 100°F in Summer within the CAnyon, so be weel prepared and bring plenty of water.

Hike suggested : Plateau point trail

From Bright Angel, hike down for 3000 feet to Indian Garden, and then continue and a pretty flat trail toward plateau point. Indian Garden is an Oasis and is perfect for a rest. This hike is also a good choice during summer because you will be able to find water and shade every 1.5 mile.

Monument Valley :

Distance from Page : 120 miles

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