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Julien is originally from Brittany, France and has spent the last three years living in the Bay Area. He started taking pictures 15 years ago - exactly the same time that he discovered his love for travel.
When he decided to come to the States, he was excited by the surf and the waves, but what he didn’t know, was that California had another hidden treasure: Nature. Discovering Yosemite, BigSur, Joshua Tree and the surrounding Bay Area (to name a few) has been a life changing experience for not only lending an incredible backdrop for photography, but also for inspiring the challenges of learning how to backpack and venture outdoors.

Rachel is from Southern California and has spent the last for or so years living in San Francisco. A daydreamer, passionate traveler and city wanderer, she bought her first sleeping pad and 30 pound backpacking bag one year ago to date. While the buzz of the city never ceases to lose interest, shes learned that there is nothing quite like leaving it all for the challenges of the mountains or finding the spot to spend the night. This website was created by SouthSwell, a web design agency in Santa Barbara

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